10 Concepts at 2021 Hongik University Industrial Design Online Diploma Fair


hongik university industrial design online diploma show 2021

the metaverse, autonomous vehicles, mixed reality, IoT and big data: there is no doubt that smart technologies are increasingly integrating, connecting and already benefiting our lives. however, creative students from the industrial design department at hongik university see an even brighter future for products, mobility and spatial design as part of the 2021 online degree fair. the exhibition, digitally opened on 11 November, presents 95 student projects. each design addresses the theme of “all wise-enduring and singular wisdom of the appropriate level”, which aims to emphasize the intelligent and intellectual value in the COVID-19[female[feminine time.

To preview the digital diploma fair, designboom shares 10 student projects that showcase the various intelligent possibilities of industrial design. to see the full exhibition of student work, visit online here.

hee-soo kim and jae-yeon kim – sitt

meaning “exhibition room in the time of travel”, sitting down by students hee-soo kim and jae-yeon kim is a stand-alone showroom service where users can sit in eight warm interior decors: artistic, industrial, minimal, vintage, oriental, office, gardening and luxury. as mobility moves away from being used only for transport, the concept enriches the experience by allowing cyclists to reserve this furniture through a companion app. users can also customize light, temperature, scent, drink, and music. with the pick-up services, sitt offers an experience that enhances the pleasure of traveling.

sitting down

student: hee-soo kim / tutor: jung-kyo lee

videos / images courtesy of Hong Kong university

kyeong-eon kim – SMTATION

SMTATION through kyeong-eon kim is an SM entertainment dessert store that takes the dining experience to higher heights. By evaluating the values ​​of South Korean business, the student project extends the fun to various clients in a wide range of mediums. the space was designed for people to cross multidimensional boundaries, from the real world to a fictional universe of the brand. a station welcomes visitors before they travel interdimensionally, with a design divided into two contrasting ambiances – futuristic and classic.


student: kyeong-eon kim / tutor: joo-yun kim and hee-jin lee

ju-hee park – com.odo

with com.odo, ju-hee park plays on the childish obsession to build rooms, spaces, forts. today, in the era of COVID-19, the importance of individual space inside our homes has increased, as it has become a place of rest, socialization and work. com.odo aims to create a more personalized space using a secret desk, drawers and a chair. furniture can be manipulated by the user, interpreting objects as building blocks and creating a product for various purposes. for example, the drawer and the chair can be removed and turned over to reveal a hidden space under the desk.

10 Smart Living Concepts at 2021 Hongik University Industrial Design Online Diploma Fair

student: ju-hee park / tutor: kang-hyun lee

kwang-seuk go and hye-won kim – VOCO

VOCO through kwang-seuk go and hye-won kim is an electric motorcycle of the near future that allows autonomous driving. after dropping off the rider at the destination, the motorcycle goes to the parking lot and recharges automatically. the two-wheeler can then come back for the motorcyclist with an accompanying application. With a simple shape made up of straight lines and delicate curves, VOCO’s design is optimized for the smart urban lifestyle as accessories and straps can easily be added to provide additional storage, functionality and character.


student: kwang-seuk go and hye-won kim / tutor: tate eun-young kim

song woong-ki – natural sink

in the age of technology, the student song woong-ki recognizes the need for humans to experience more of the natural environment. natural sink is an ecosystem-like concept placed in a city center, where locals can visit, take a break and relax away from city life. the design harmonizes architectural elements with natural objects, creating an environment that feels natural to the human senses. visitors move through the space as if they were gradually sinking into the ground, relaxing outside and resting in a garden-like room.


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