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When it comes to living room design, as the heart of the home, you want to get it right. Serving as a hub for visitors and residents, the living room should exude comfort and personality, but also cohesion.

Without cohesion, the living room becomes a room in its own right in the house that clashes with the surrounding bedrooms, bathrooms or even the kitchen and dining room. Although cohesion is important, it is not limiting.

Indeed, you can take even broader colors or style themes and use them as a base to imbue your living room with modern design elements. Make the center of the house a true sanctuary.

Modern living room design

The idea of ​​modern design can be quite confusing. Indeed, the term encompasses everything from minimal and contemporary to farmhouse and clean lines accompanied by bold shapes.

Modern themes are also characterized by typical colors such as whites, creams and grays, but can also expand to include reds, greens and yellows for real pops of color and personality. Above all, the modern design creates unexpected associations to create intrigue.

10 design ideas

With this in mind, it is easier to identify modern design ideas that can transform your living room into a truly spectacular space. Whether it’s playing with colors, themes, furniture or accessory elements, there are ways, big and small, to modernize a living room.

1. Choose a theme

Tackling a living room makeover can be overwhelming work. To help guide the renovation process, a useful design idea is to choose a theme. This theme could be centered around a place like California, New York, Paris, the Hamptons or even Palm Beach.

Once you have a theme, think about evocative colors and styles for that location. For Palm Beach, think of palm tree illustrations and throw pillows in different greens. For the Hamptons, consider wooden coastal furniture with blue and white accessories.

2. Paint the ceiling

The ceiling is often neglected in all rooms of the house. However, the simple act of painting the ceiling can do wonders. For example, if you are looking for a warm and intimate atmosphere in the living room, it would be wise to paint the ceiling in dark blue to make the space cozy.

3. Add Texture to Walls

Textured walls are not only trending right now, but they are also a bold statement. By lining one or more walls in the living room with fabric effect wallpaper, another dimension is added to the room. Emphasizing both personality and taste.

4. Create multiple zones

The modern living room has to work overtime as a TV room, sitting area, games room and even home office. This can be achieved by creating zones using end tables, room dividers or even placing sofas back to back.

5. Focus on lighting

Lighting elements can add a practical touch to the room. However, by choosing the right lighting options, these fixtures can also enhance the overall style and ambiance of the room. For those looking to play with the industrial elements of the home, floor lamps are a great choice.

6. Paint the fireplace

Fireplaces add ambiance to a room, but they can also be a major sticking point. Indeed, it can be difficult to adapt your style to the fireplace. To keep your modern living room together, you can tile the fireplace to match the overall theme of your room.

7. Remove Clutter

A modern space is clean and minimalist. Key to shopping in this mood is clearing out clutter such as remotes, toys, and books. To do this, you might want to invest in a TV that hides in a wall recess and, of course, lots of storage that fits into the clean lines ethos.

8. Organize the gallery walls

Gallery walls are very trendy right now. They can be created by placing mixed and matched frames and artwork on a living room wall. Another effective alternative is to hang family photos or important memories on the wall using matching frames.

9. Lay down mats

When renovating a room, it’s easy to forget about the floors. Rather than replacing floors or carpets, layer rugs of different sizes and colors. Each rug can complement every area of ​​the living room, adding color or warmth to really tie the whole living area together.

10. Bring the outside, inside

When updating a living room, it is important to consider its location in the house. Does it lead to the kitchen? Does it offer a direct route out? If the latter is true, orient the room as such with sliding doors to connect the house with the terrace and therefore the backyard.

Modernize a living room

As the heart of the home, the living room should be comfortable, but also pleasing to the eye. To achieve this combination, modernization is essential. This way, you can use modern tools to infuse personality while ensuring the area is a work or rainy day retreat.

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