5 Best Design Ideas for Your Home in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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If there’s one thing gamers love about Gameloft’s recently released life simulation title, Disney Dreamlight Valley, it’s the amount of creativity it gives them to play with. Whether it’s creating their character from head to toe, customizing their own clothing, or even shaping the structure of the valley, there is no shortage of things for the player to pick up.

One of the crowd favorites, however, has to be the home customization options that players can also experience over their time with the game. And if you’re seemingly stuck, not knowing how to decorate your home with the hundreds different customization options at your disposal, we’ve got you covered!

Here are the top 5 design ideas for your home in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

5 Best Design Ideas for Your Home in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There’s a ton of different furniture to add to your home in Dreamlight Valley. Over the course of the game, you will have purchased, won, received a few, and even come across them in these randomly placed chests.

Needless to say there is a lot of furniture. And with so many choices, you can get lost very easily. Luckily, there are great players across the community who have shared some of their designs of the fantastic homes they’ve decorated themselves online!

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Let’s discover our top 5 now!

Royal chic

This design is great because it retains that beautiful regal elegance but allows you to play around with it to modernize it a bit. This player has chosen a large palette of blues with lighter tones for accent, but you can do the same with just about any color to customize it.

Object collector

On the other side of the spectrum is this really cozy home for those who like to display their favorite things they’ve collected throughout the game. Rich, warm browns and darker colors make this feel as homey as the tavern where Gaston sings his song.

Modernized Nautical

This simple yet effective design brings in plenty of nautical flair that makes you feel like you’re at a truly posh Disney resort. It has the flourishes of old keys while maintaining the look of something new.


If the first design wasn’t regal enough for you, this player has gone all out with the regal aesthetic, creating a home fit for a queen. This one is beautifully made and doesn’t get too carried away with things lying around.

Stellar Command Suite

Last on our list is extensive and impressive use of Buzz Lightyear-inspired items in the game. Seeing all of this also makes you feel like you’re aboard a Star Command space station.

These are our top 5 design ideas for your home in Disney Dreamlight Valley! While the game gives you tools to create even more designs, these 5 are just a few of the best-executed ones we’ve had the pleasure of feasting our eyes on! be sure to check out the cover on how you can also fix the village in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

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