7 playful design ideas for your child’s room

When it comes to interior design, there’s nothing more fun than furnishing a child’s room. Think bright and cheerful wallpapers, interactive decorative elements and of course, several nods to their favorite fictional characters. Whether you’re working around a single theme or organizing all of your child’s favorite things together, remember to stay away from clichés and think outside the box. With that in mind, here are seven ideas that will help you design a nursery as unique as your little ones.

1. Neutral nursery

Designed by Sahiba Madan, this Mumbai apartment is bathed in neutral colors, including the minimalist child’s room that was once the original bedroom. Wildlife-themed wallpaper lends a whimsical air to the space while custom-made bassinets echo the home’s history of wood and cane design.

Merchant Suleiman

2. A fairy tale comes to life

The heart of this house, literally and metaphorically, is the children’s room: an Enid Blyton-esque playhouse fashioned from a pine warehouse container. “The playhouse is an abstraction of the house that each child grows up drawing, with a window, a door and a sloping triangular roof,” says Irit Henkin of Henkin-Shavit Design Studio.

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Assaf Pinchuk & Roni Cnaani

3. Minimalist fantasy

Understated in appeal, yet full of spirit, the Winter Castle, as the Game Room is dubbed in this Surat apartment designed by Eshita Marwah, is clad in immaculate finishes. All furniture was designed by /e and custom made on site. The walls are hand painted with swathes of pristine white and playful pink.

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