A Bengaluru home that blends classic and contemporary design

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As the kitchen was open plan, the focus was on functionality – an island doubles as a prep counter and breakfast table, with stools made by the studio’s in-house team. The curved entryway and deep blue accents add flamboyance to an otherwise functional space. The pendant lights are from The White Teak Company.

Nayan Soni

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The designers started with a clean slate, a builder-grade two-bedroom apartment. No major structural changes were made, but they transformed the space with the interior elements, like furniture made on site by the U and I Designs team, and pops of color that are a signature of the studio. Sonal says, “The couple entertain a lot and wanted their home to reflect their personality. They weren’t looking for a sterile, muted, all-white space, they wanted a warm, fun, vibrant, and comfortable space.

The house opens onto the dining room, a white and brown haven of peace, designed around the table that the couple brought back from their old home. To the right of the dining room is the open kitchen. The idea was to create an immersive and upbeat space that was functional and fun. A curved entry welcomes you, followed by a kitchen island that doubles as a convenient food prep counter and breakfast table. Gold accents provide glimmers of luxury. Sonal explains that the kitchen was perhaps the easiest to design as husband and wife agreed they wanted an abundance of blue here and an emphasis on fun and functionality.

The dreamy living room shines in soft shades of gray, illuminated by abundant natural light. It is also the best example of the collision of two worlds. Sleek contemporary furniture with metal legs meets a classic teak wood swing, wall moldings complement minimalist lighting, and pops of color enter blue armchairs.

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The master bedroom features scalloped wall panels, a clean-lined dresser and a tufted leatherette headboard. Soft flowers add warmth to the shrine. All of the fixed furniture here was made by the studio’s in-house team. The bedside lamps are from Prism Lights.

Nayan Soni

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