A welcoming apartment in Mumbai that brings warmth to Scandinavian design

A doctor approached Mumbai-based interior designer Sarah Sham, founder of Essajees Atelier, to conceptualize the interiors of her first home, a 2,100 square foot apartment in Juhu, Mumbai. The client wanted a residence inspired by Scandinavian design, with simplicity, minimalism and functionality at its core. “We used white as the main color in our design with just one shade of wood. I would say this space is a Zen home, serene and calming at every turn,” says Sham, who executed the project alongside members of Palak team. Shah, Sanjna Seshadri and Aditi Savani.

Originally, the apartment had five bedrooms, which have been converted into three spacious rooms. Sham created a massive master suite, home office and guest bedroom with a large living room and a beautiful kitchen and pantry. “We made a lot of changes to the layout. Transforming these really tiny rooms into bigger layouts and razing everything to the floor and making it look fresh has been extremely rewarding for me,” says the designer.

The living room features a swing by Design Ni Dukaan, center tables by Sage Living and a rug by Jaipur Rugs.

Talib Chitalwala

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Modern yet timeless

The living room is an airy and bright space with minimalist, modern furnishings, an understated color palette, and sophisticated details such as textured walls, fluted patterns, and monochromatic artwork. The white sofas add a chic touch to the space and the swing adds cheerfulness to the whole.

The lounge features artwork by artist Ajay Patil, a large vase by Essajees and cushions by Kar.

Talib Chitalwala

Talib Chitalwala

“In terms of design, as soon as you walk in there are two private elevators that have been enclosed with wooden splines. The large living room is furnished in all white. The swing is a highlight here and adds to the charm and elegance. Another aspect of the design that we were very careful about was making sure we had plenty of natural light in the house, as this improves the energy of the place and helps create a good mood! explains Sham.

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