Airberg: furniture that breaks with conventions

Innovative object that breaks with conventions, the French designer Jean-Marie Massaud manufactures ‘Airberg’ for Offecct – an extraordinary collection of sofas with a structural casing that seems to be filled with emptiness, but is made from a flexible upholstery material.

From architecture to objects, from macro-environments to micro-contexts, Massaud has brilliantly designed a wide range of projects, with his ability to harmoniously combine elegance and comfort.

Characterized by an understanding of the surrounding world, he works skillfully through a holistic approach that captures the zeitgeist in an interesting way.

Offecct, on the other hand, is a Swedish design company with a Scandinavian aesthetic that develops unique furniture for inspiring meeting places in the home, office and public spaces.

© Jean-Marie Massaud for Offecct

To achieve a harmonious blend of functionality and beauty, they explore new materials and techniques with environmentally and socially sustainable methods.

“The inspiration behind the shape of Airberg is a combination of – a comfortable and inviting seating product embodying lightness and an iceberg filled with emptiness” said Massaud.

The craftsmanship used in production results in a deconstructed piece of furniture that is further defined in its asymmetry.‎

Durable and effortlessly brimming with comfort – the abstract form of this eclectic object is light in expression and contemporary in both design and technique.

Airberg by Jean-Marie Massaud for Offecct
© Jean-Marie Massaud for Offecct

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