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When it comes to creating the home of your dreams, it is imperative that you have confidence in the selected team of architects and interior designers. ALTER EGO project group offers absolute service – accompanying you from the first consultation to the completion of the concept. They take care of all the planning, procurement, inspection and supervision – from decorating a private plane to designing and building your own custom-built residence complete with helipads, runway and docking. .

Julia D. Lantieri (founder and CEO) and Vyacheslav Labzin (architect and creative director)

The ALTER EGO team brings together the epitome of private architecture in their work creating the ultimate lifestyle solutions, evoking unique beauty to their clients. They know how to translate the feelings, thoughts and perceptions of each client into materials, objects and colors. Thus, most of the preferences and needs of the customers are met from the first round of design drawings. The group places great importance on its clients and every project they organize is seen as a worthy legacy for their clients’ descendants – exclusive, upscale homes that families can treasure for years and years to come. Recently, Luxury Lifestyle Award recognized this world-renowned architectural firm in three contested categories, namely: * Best Luxury Office Interior Design for ALTER EGO Headquarters in Milan, Italy, Best Luxury Villa on the Coast of Azur and the Russian representative office of ALTER EGO became a winner of the Best Category Interior Design Studio. * ALTER EGO Project Group was founded in 2003 as a family business and has been founded ever since with staff from base remaining constant over the years. ALTER EGO is a clear fusion of the world of luxury, creativity and customer-oriented service with technical knowledge. The main offices of the company are in Milan, Moscow and representatives in Monaco; however, the team works all over the world, including the United States, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The team speaks several languages ​​and has created more than 300 private architecture projects around the world.

ALTER EGO project group The Italian office is located in the center of Milan in the famous Quadrilatero Della Moda. This district is popular and is home to the boutiques of the world’s most famous fashion brands, contributing to a luxurious environment where everything is saturated with design ideas and a refined taste for life. Their flagship office is located in an 18e historic building of the century and is considered a perfect emphasis on the continuous link between the periods and the spirit of the place. The interior of the Italian Palazzo’s office has been carefully preserved and the authentic elements remain, however, the team has also filled the space with new content reflecting current ideologies of comfort and luxury while applying the latest technology. The style of the ALTER EGO desk is a diverse mix of inspired neoclassicism and respectable Art Deco, where artistic frescoes, Venetian terrazzo floors and painted ceilings coexist with designer furniture and decorations. Therefore, the ALTER EGO Project Group office has been recognized by experts at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the best luxury office interior design.

This talented architectural firm has also been honored by the experts at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the best luxury villa on the French Riviera, for their breathtaking project along the coastline. The main desire of the client was to create a house exposed to nature and therefore the concept behind this luxurious property was a space with blurred boundaries, open to air and light. Each bedroom faces picturesque seascapes, and incredible views from the panoramic windows are an essential part of the interior. Bionic forms are present in the design of the facades and in the interior of the house, large-scale arches, decorative elements and elastic lines can be seen on a white background, which emphasizes the continuity of the spaces. The ALTER EGO project group perfected every shade of color and material needed to create a masterpiece for their client and coordinated the team of international contractors to achieve the best result.

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