Analysts at Credit Suisse Group have cut their price target for Covestro (OTCMKTS:COVTY) to €31.00.

Research analysts at Credit Suisse Group have lowered their price target for Covestro (OTCMKTS:COVTY) from €40.00 ($40.82) to €31.00 ($31.63), research shows. published Friday and reported by The Fly. As a result, the company assigned a “neutral” rating to the shares in its assessment process.
There has been a significant increase in research publications centered on COVTY. In a research note that was made public on Thursday, August 4, Covestro’s stock was classified as having a “hold” rating rather than a “buy” recommendation, and the company provided a price target. from €34.00 ($34.69). This information has been made publicly available by the company. In a research note released Thursday, July 14, Barclays announced that the company would lower its price target on Covestro shares from €71.00 ($72.45) to €60.00 ($61.22). The bank’s rating of the company, which had previously been described as “overweight”, has not changed. Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft lowered its “buy” rating and price target on Covestro shares from €50.00 to €45.00 ($51.02), according to research released Aug. 31. The “outperform” rating that Oddo Bhf previously assigned to Covestro was downgraded to “neutral” in a research note dated August 11. In a research report released Friday, August 5, Jefferies Financial Group decided to raise its rating of Covestro from “hold” to “buy.” It was the last element but not the least important. Five research analysts gave the stock a buy recommendation, while seven gave a hold recommendation. According to Bloomberg, the consensus recommendation for Covestro’s stock is “Hold”, and the price target that has been averaged is $46.19.
On Friday, the price of OTCMKTS:COVTY fell $0.20 to $14.17. It was significantly higher than the company’s average trading volume of 156,830 shares, which was reached when 251,438 of the company’s shares were traded. The current value of the company’s market capitalization is $5.48 billion, while its P/E/G ratio is 0.26 and its beta value is 1.21. The debt ratio, current ratio, and quick ratio all stand at 0.28, but the quick ratio is much higher at 0.91. The stock price recently reached $15.64 and its simple moving average over the last 50 trading days is $19.46. Covestro has had a 52-week low of $13.70 and a 52-week high of $34.53 in trading throughout its existence.

Tuesday, August 2 marked the day Covestro (OTCMKTS: COVTY) distributed its latest earnings report to its shareholders. The company’s earnings per share were $0.55 for the quarter (EPS). The company generated a total of $5.01 billion in revenue during the period in question. Covestro’s return on equity was 17.14% and the company had a net margin of 7.77%. As a result, sell-side analysts expect Covestro to earn $1.63 per share for the current fiscal year. This figure is derived from an analysis of historical financial data.

Customers have access to both the high-tech polymer materials and the application solutions that accompany them when they purchase products from Covestro AG. The company is active in two distinct market subsets, respectively called Performance Materials and Solutions & Specialties. The Performance Materials division is responsible for the design, production and distribution of high performance materials such as polyurethanes and polycarbonates, as well as the manufacture and sale of commodity chemicals such as diphenylmethane diisocyanate ( MDI), tolylene diisocyanate, long chain polyols and p-xylene. These materials find applications in the manufacture of furniture and wood products, as well as in the construction, automotive and transportation industries. They are also used to make roofs, insulation for buildings and refrigerators, mattresses, and a wide range of other things.

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