Arch Shelf: furniture for varied and changing needs

Inspired by one of the basic architectural elements, Swedish-based freelance furniture designer Marc Hoogendijk creates ‘arch shelf’ – an extraordinary conceptual modular shelving system built in sections responding brilliantly to the changing needs of the user.

Its process is characterized by extensive research and development, where technology and design intertwine effortlessly to bring innovative and playful products to life.

Fueled by curiosity and the desire to surprise the viewer – “My design challenges conventional notions of what furniture should look like and it speaks to the user both intellectually and aesthetically.

The form of the Arch Shelf is based on a methodology I call Technomimicry – it mimics the functions of man-made objects and seamlessly applies these findings to the furniture I create” said Hoogendijk.

© Marc Hoogendijk

Showcasing a warm and minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, the components of this eclectic shelving unit are CNC milled from standard-sized sheets of plywood, expertly optimizing the use of materials.

In addition, framing and highlighting its users’ objects, the floor of each section can easily be removed to accommodate larger objects.

“The flexibility of the shelf shows how it can follow its user through the different stages of life, thus extending the life cycle of this durable product” Hoogendijk adds.

© Marc Hoogendijk
Arch shelf by Marc Hoogendijk
© Marc Hoogendijk

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