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Cross-grain decors are always a highlight. It is therefore good news that Ostermann has extended its range with no less than three new ABS edges for this remarkable design. Light ash decor and dark ash decor as well as oak decor with a crossed look are now available to create furniture with a special touch.

Its complex production makes the cross grain very special. Fortunately, the striking design can also be achieved with decorative wooden planks. Furniture manufacturers can now find at Ostermann three new ABS edging with cross-grain decor for a perfect edge solution.

Under the names Cross-Sliced ​​Ash, Natural Cross-Sliced ​​Ash and Lindberg Crossed Oak, these edges are available in the standard sizes of 23, 33, 43 and 100 x 2 mm. Find all the information by typing in the search section “# Highlights10” on the Ostermann website

Dark beauty: sliced ​​ash ABS edging

The main dark brown color of the border gets its natural look from the irregular vertical stripes of varying degrees of lightness and widths that match the natural grain. These stripes are reminiscent of the production of wood veneer with a vertically operated slicer. Shades of color in the surface finish range from chocolate brown to light honey brown in the filigree stripes.

Nordic look: ash sliced ​​on natural

For those who prefer lighter Nordic wood shades, the Sliced ​​Ash Over Natural ABS edging is an ideal option. The delicate light brown tones are interspersed with warm cream-colored stripes, giving the border a particularly elegant appearance reminiscent of a limed surface.

Warm Caramel Brown: Lindberg Oak cut crosswise

The Lindberg cross-cut oak border is distinguished by a sober color scheme. The shades of the stripes are less contrasting and their fine lines are more delicate than those of the ash variants. Shades range from warm caramel brown in darker lines to a lighter golden brown.

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