Atlanta is one of my annual design destinations

Editor’s note: Joseph Pubillones takes his leave. This column was originally published in 2018.

An annual pilgrimage is almost a necessity for designers and homeowners looking for the latest furnishing trends. Each spring, the Southeastern Designer Show House in Atlanta never fails to showcase a great mix of its top local designers and nationally recognized designers.

With all the southern charm that we can absorb, the designers play with the rooms so that all the rooms are juxtaposed with elegance and a nod to humor. This year’s show house (2018) was designed in the tradition of Sir Edward Lutyens’ English cottage by renowned Atlanta firm Harrison Design.

As with many Atlanta homes, this show home is steeped in classic interior design, but increasingly leans toward transitional if not eclectic interiors with global appeal. Serious rooms are apparently a thing of yesterday. Playful color combinations, such as lavender and chartreuse, act as a counterpoint to traditional furniture.

PPG Paints sponsored most of the murals. Gray still resonates in this designer show home as the go-to neutral, from the master bathroom walls in ‘elephant gray’ to the kitchen cabinets and calming pale tones of gray for the hallways. Another color that stood out for its boldness and versatility was black. Note in particular “Zombie” used in the study upstairs for its black with hints of blue.

Other trends for backgrounds included the use of color on the ceilings, from pale pink to mint green and of course black. To keep your eyes on the ceilings, they’ve been upholstered in textured coverings in raffia, grass canvas, and shagreen-like materials, trimmed with fabric ribbons and decorative nail heads for extra layers of detail and detail. va-va-voom!

All the bathrooms in this mansion were specially equipped with showers accessible to people with reduced mobility. A detail once reserved for hospitals and retirement homes is gaining popularity in high-end residences, because their homogeneous look appeals, but also in anticipation of aging family members. The master bedroom suites on the ground floor are another indicator of aging on-site construction, which is attracting the growing generation of retired baby boomers.

Another very noticeable fad in the bathroom was dark stainless steel or oil rubbed bronze plumbing fixtures. I think it’s a nod to more urban sophistication, and yet another luxury-type finish that doesn’t look like store bought.

Atlanta has loads of things to do: from a stroll through the Botanical Gardens, a visit to the world-class aquarium or just a leisurely stroll through its many neighborhoods. It doesn’t matter if each street is named after a tree. Take any one and get lost to experience the magic and southern charm of one of America’s greatest cities.

• Joseph Pubillones is the owner of Joseph Pubillones Interiors, an award-winning interior design company based in Palm Beach, Florida.

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