Best Online Furniture Rental Companies to Shop for in 2022

There has been a boom in online furniture rental companies lately. These are sites where, instead of buying items like chairs, beds and sofas, you have the option of paying month by month and, if you wish, possibly returning your items. Why? Some of them have to do with lifestyle. Generation Z and millennials, especially those in urban areas, are mainly tenants, making a flexible arrangement with furniture essential when navigating new apartments. Then there are the financial benefits: paying over time for an expensive piece of furniture is often more feasible, especially for those early in their careers. (An added bonus? You can also explore different interior design styles.) But there’s one reason that’s getting stronger than ever: it’s sustainable.

A 2022 report from the American Society of Interior Designers found that more than half of consumers were willing to change their buying behavior “to help reduce negative environmental impact.” Renting furniture is participating in the circular economy: when you are done with a piece of furniture, instead of throwing it away because it does not fit in its new place or is no longer to his liking, which many do: the EPA estimated that the Americans threw away 12.1 million tons of furniture in 2018– you just give it back. Then it’s given another life with someone else, and maybe where they’re done, someone else again. And while reselling or sourcing it yourself can be quite a hassle, most furniture rental companies have a premium delivery service and are set up, which means fewer figurative (and literal) loose screws. .

This Earth Month, many are taking a moment to reflect on exactly how they can live with less impact on the environment. In this spirit, vogue decided to round up our favorite online furniture rental companies below.

The women-founded ZZ Driggs company offers contemporary, collectible and antique furniture to buy or rent (including pieces from iconic designers like Philippe Starck and Jean Prouvé). Their offerings are impeccably curated and incredibly chic: think art deco table lamps, kilim rugs, jewel-toned sofas and more.

Even better, it is B-corp certified, which means it meets the highest standards for social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

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