Bridges Environmental Group Launches $ 20,000 GoFundMe Campaign to Help Reduce Canada’s Carbon Footprint


Partnering with Canfor Corporation to save old bridges by turning old wood into unique handcrafted furniture, Bridges Environmental is ready to face from Canada carbon footprint.

Find out how you can participate in this revolutionary campaign to reduce CO2 emissions by Canada and save our environment!

CALGARY, AB, Dec 3 2021 / CNW / – Environmental Group of Bridges (Mackenzie, BC) is pleased to announce the start of its first GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to strengthen its ability to reduce the carbon footprint by preventing old wood from being burned, thus reducing the carbon footprint massively.

The Bridges Environmental campaign will showcase its interior furnishings and decorations by educating the public about its environmental stewardship as a First Nations business. Through the partnership with Canfor Corporation, consultation with representatives of the British Columbia government, and as a leading furniture carbon offset company in Canada the vision is now broadened by reducing CO2 gas emissions that would otherwise have been emitted by unnecessary combustion. In 2021 alone, Bridges Environmental prevented 196 tonnes (392,000 pounds) of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. Canadians are invited to donate to the campaign by visiting the site below.

See the GoFundme campaign here:

With the recent floods and natural disasters in Canada, Canadians are more aware than ever of the effects of our daily choices on our carbon footprint and what this means for the earth, the people and the generations that will follow. This GoFundMe is critical to the expansion of Bridges Environmental, a carbon offsetting company, so the vision can move forward to see millions of pounds of CO2 prevented from being released into the atmosphere while enjoying furniture unique craftsmanship.

For more information on Bridges Environmental Group Ltd, including carbon offset products, please visit:

Bridges Environmental Group Ltd. is a First Nations carbon offset furniture company that has partnered with national forest leaders to help reduce CO2 emissions across British Columbia with the goal of having an impact across the country . With increasing partnerships with First Nations on the horizon, Bridges’ vision is to see millions of CO2 footprints erased in Canada through the sale of its artisanal products bringing practical and tangible effects of environmental stewardship in Canada directly in salons across the country. For more information:

SOURCE Bridges Environment

For further information: Brayden Sloan, CEO, 587-893-4262, [email protected]


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