Croatian Furniture Lighting Fixtures Celebrate 10th Anniversary in Style

Croatian furniture designer Prostoria, whose work includes projects in Australia such as Court House and Upside down house, celebrated a decade in the design world last month with an exhibition called Prostoria 10.

The exhibit showcased the research-based principles upon which the brand formulates its designs, with a number of sculptures and a climbing net pavilion as the main attraction for visitors.

A short film, also titled “Prostoria 10”, describes how the brand has become a leader in design in its home country and around the world. Founded at a time of economic transition, the film chronicles how the manufacture of the brand reflects its industrial heritage. Prostoria, since 2011, has brought high quality products and exhibitions to the world, which has placed the company at the forefront of the international furniture market.

Prostoria President Tomislav Knezovic says the brand’s core values ​​have been passed down from generation to generation.

“Prostoria’s industrial base, regardless of its size, remains essentially a creative workshop run by artisans who have become masters in their respective fields. Over the years, our artisans have learned from our designers, and our designers have learned from our artisans, often in collaborative projects that can last for months or years, ”he says.

“What follows is much more than just a range of furnishing products. It is a mixture of teamwork and living knowledge, and as such it is at the heart of all prostoria activities.

“Although it is the importance of design that has radically defined our product portfolio and brand identity, we continue to view design as a tool to ensure both authenticity and product quality rather than ‘an end in itself.

Much of the exhibition was created specifically for the occasion, with photographs demonstrating the connection between the design language of the city of Zagreb and the pieces of furniture brands. A number of natural materials were selected to form sculptures for Prostoria 10 and showcase the skills of the brand’s designers.

The exhibition was divided into 10 rooms, with the last room, entitled Bacva, on the theme “creators at heart”. A small curation of the creations of Prostoria was accompanied by an animation of the 233 employees who work in the company.

“Prostoria always tries to do something not just for its success and the people who are part of it, but for the common good. What I am proud of is the contribution to the community in development and innovation, but also in the perception of Croatia outside Croatia, ”says Knezovic.

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