Design Recipes: Tips for Brightening Dark Spaces

No windows, few windows or little or no ceiling lighting? These issues can make a room or space too dark. They look especially great in small rooms or spaces that traditionally lack light, such as basements or lower levels.

What are the ways to overcome the problem of lack of light? Here are some tips to help bring a sense of brightness and light into dark spaces.

1. Paint the walls a light color. Light colors will help reflect light.

2. Use mirrors. Mirrors, especially hung in a row or grid, will go a long way in creating light and the illusion of more windows in a space.

3. Incorporate interior windows in rooms that don’t have an exterior window.

4. Consider installing a glass door in a dimly lit room or space.

5. Choose light colored fabrics, finishes and textiles.

6. Opt for glass or transparent surfaces, as this will help make a space feel lighter and less heavy.

7. Choose bright, cheerful colors that can help mimic the sun like yellow, red, and orange.

8. Incorporate artwork to bring light-colored elements into a space.

9. Install recessed ceiling lighting if possible.

10. Go minimal. A room full of furniture will seem even smaller and darker than a room in which less is more.

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