Furniture made from recycled waste for a circular design

Cooloo, a Dutch materials development company, relies on recycled materials to create durable and versatile furniture with a variety of uses.

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The company works with like-minded manufacturers to place the materials in the field of interior design and furniture. More recently, these collaborations could be seen as part of Salone del Mobile 2022, an exhibition of everything new in the industry. Exhibited in the Masterly – the Dutch in Milano section of the show, Cooloo proudly promoted the potential of clean, recycled materials as a replacement for traditionally wasteful and dirty textile production.

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A showroom with four blue chairs, a long brown bench and two white coffee tables

Using new technologies and a dedication to sustainable materials, Cooloo creates flexible textiles for a variety of applications. Featured at Salone del Mobile 2022, a collaboration with Kullar, a young Dutch design brand also focuses on eco-friendly furniture for homes, offices, healthcare, education and hospitality spaces . The furniture was designed for the transformation of the Church of Peace in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Additionally, the parts are minimalist in design, with simple assembly and a circular process called CNC milling.

Yarn displayed with fabrics and clear bottles filled with items

Cooloo’s exhibition showcased the local waste it uses in its textile solutions, allowing visitors to see and touch products made from leather, cork, jeans and other materials. Each innovation is driven by the principles of circular design, not only from a material sourcing perspective, but also in the production of products for use in high-quality, durable and sustainable interior design products. durable. The idea is to bring materials into the world that are not only made from recycled materials, but are suitable for repair, refurbishment and recycling in order to extend the life of the product indefinitely.

A gray sofa with a pouf of the same color

Furniture can be refurbished with new materials rather than throwing it away. To continue this action, Cooloo recently launched a furniture rental program, which allows customers to take advantage of furniture and then return it when their situation changes. Cooloo then reconditions parts as needed to extend life and prevent waste.

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