Furniture meets cat lovers for designs that help you create the perfect pet living space!

I believe with all my heart it’s a cat world, and we just live in it! If you have a cat or two, then you know that they are the real masters of our house, and we are their permanent slaves, tending to their every need, always at their entire disposal. They are the apple of our eye, and we would do almost anything to keep them happy and comfortable, including showering them with cat friendly products. furniture designs they can relax and unwind on. I always try to create a comfortable and interactive living space for my own cats – from a cat tower that doubles as a vanity mirror to a cat-centric table with a recess and hidden shelf for your animalsto roost, I am ready to invest them in all. And this collection of cat products promises to be the investments that do just that! They will perfectly meet all of your cat’s needs! Happy kittens guaranteed!

What could I do to make my room my cat’s favorite place? The Gatrimonial bed frame, made by a company called CatLife, made that dream come true. They make furniture that also makes an adventurous cat dream. At first glance, the bed frame looks like a hollow base with circular entrances in each corner. It has plenty of space for your cat to stretch out its limbs under your bed. When you lift the mattress, it reveals an elaborate maze to entertain your feline. The frame also features two sections with splashes of tiny paw-sized holes that could be either peepholes or a small trap for unsuspecting paw kicks. Your ankles won’t appreciate it, but your cat will love the hunt.

Sio is a cat tower carved from natural wood with built-in swings and padded hiding places so cats can climb and rest until they are ready for a nap. The Sio Cat Tree maintains the same shape as a two-step ladder, offering a semi-enclosed lower resting area and carpeted steps with connection slings where cats can relax and keep a close watch on their humans . Constructed from natural wood, the Sio cat tree is understated enough to fit into most modern living rooms and blend in with the rest of the furniture.

This table designed by Dinos for cat owners is handcrafted by local artisans from natural red oak wood to age well over time and remain a place for your cat to roost. The rounded corners of the table are also specially sanded to ensure safe climbing and jumping for your cat. When you want your cats to join you while you are working, the table has a central cavity through which they can poke their heads and see what you are doing. In the center of the table, the artisans of Dinos dug a 16cm hole just above a circular shelf where your cat can rest. When your cat is not resting on the shelf, it can be used to store items like magazines or even cat toys.

Created from premium maple wood and textured sisal fabric, the collection is inspired by architectural columns, wooden pegs, soft edges and simple geometric shapes. And it really shows in the furniture! The collection consists of five interesting pieces. You have a beautiful chair made of light maple wood, which functions as a pet chair! This essentially means that you and your cat can lounge on the same chair, spending quality time without invading each other’s privacy. The lower part serves as a safe space for your cat to rest! The collection also includes a litter box with a vaulted roof. The top part is made up of columns that give your cat privacy while they go about their business, and also allow the litter box to fit into your living space, without really looking like it! Rise also consists of two cat beds. One is quite compact and small in size and takes up minimum space. The other is larger and is designed to fit any corner of your home. It also includes a scratching post. The final design of the collection is a cat climber that doubles as a scratching post! The climber keeps your animal engaged, active and productive!

Developed specifically for small to medium sized apartments, Co-Living is a full face mirror and cat tower combined to become a shared and interactive indoor piece of furniture for cats and humans. When looking at Co-Living from the front, it comes across as another full body mirror, but a closer look reveals its multifunctionality. With an arched top and bottom, the mirror sits on a wooden peg in front of Co-Living’s rear cat tower. Built vertically, Co-Living is designed to encourage cats’ natural climbing tendencies by incorporating multiple levels of carpet from which they can move up and down to reach the top.

The MiaCara Desco Aluminum Cat Feeder is the perfect cutlery to spruce up your cat’s meals! The set consists of two bowls which are placed on a stand. The stand is made from powder coated aluminum and features a matte crip finish! Both bowls, on the other hand, are crafted from stainless steel, creating a bright and attractive contrast to the matte backing. The bird feeder is a minimalist and Nordic-inspired animal product that will fit perfectly into your interior. You can say goodbye to horrible feeders that tend to clutter your living space!

The Petpresso Smart Cat Care Device keeps your kittens as healthy and happy as possible! The system provides food and water for your cats, while actively monitoring their drinking and feeding habits. It monitors your pet to make sure they are eating and drinking well, as irregular eating and drinking patterns can be the first indicators of any health problem. Weight sensors also monitor and determine when your cat eats and drinks. A companion app helps you manage the amount of feed dispensed and also helps you set feeding times. This cat grooming device is the ultimate caretaker for your pet!

Featuring concealed storage areas and hidden hiding places, Neko Goten was designed based on understanding cats behavior with particular attention to what really makes them purr. On the left side, the Neko Goten staircase takes the cats to alternating jumping perches where the cats can jump before making their way to the plastic hemisphere of the tower that hovers above the entire area. game. Below the stairs, a hiding place offers a secret place for the cats to rest undisturbed. Next, the middle section of Neko Goten features a beehive-like resting area that sits atop a hollowed-out carpet ring reminiscent of a hamster wheel, where cats can rest, scratch or knead until they are ‘a cat nap is in order.

The PaiPai Pets Double Basin Cat Kennel is both a cat tower and a console storage cabinet. Looking at the kennel from the front, two wide doors border a narrower central door, which opens onto the kennel storage unit and the interior of the jungle-gym. On the left and right sides of the kennel there is enough space to accommodate two large litter boxes, which are always accessible through the open porthole of the middle door. Behind the central kennel cabinet are storage shelves where cat owners can store smaller items like boxes of wet cat food and litter scoops. Painted in glossy white, with natural wood accents along the perimeter, the kennel can remain discreet even in the most frequented domestic spaces like the living room or den. Along the sides of the kennel, smaller portholes allow plenty of airflow as well as a fun way to play with your cat.

The wool felt castle bed is what cat dreams are made of! Created from wool felt, fleece and plenty of cushions, the cat bed is as comfortable as a bed can get. Large enough for pets of all sizes, the Small Bed provides the perfect little private nook for your kitten as they always need their fair share of personal space and seclusion.

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