Growing Furniture Bank

CINCINNATI — More work-from-home jobs are helping a furniture bank grow.

What do you want to know

  • OneSource in Cincinnati is a resource group that provides items like furniture to nonprofits at discounted prices
  • With offices closing and more and more remote jobs, they found themselves with too much furniture
  • OneSource is now expanding its reach so that it’s not just non-profit groups, but the public who can buy the office furniture at a discount

Gerald Mack is on the hunt for the perfect piece to furnish Enbloc10 Foundationthe non-profit organization he runs in Middletown, mentoring at-risk youth.

“Sometimes nonprofits, we don’t have the funding. We don’t have the funds to shop at the top dollar stores,” Mack said.

This is where he gets the furniture that he says helps his non-profit organization.

“You can get an office table with chairs that might cost $1,000 somewhere else, but you come here you might spend $150, so that’s good because we’re giving back to the community, and they’re giving back to the community for help us,” Mack said.

A sourcea resource organization in Cincinnati, offers the lightly used office furniture at a cheaper price for nonprofit organizations.

But after many offices closed during COVID, David Wallace, the group’s new senior vice president of operations, said they were left with too much furniture.

“We’re seeing a lot of donations right now, but out back and we’re seeing more people coming into the office, they want new furniture,” Wallace said.

That’s why anyone can buy the furniture, not just non-profit organizations.

“Having this public sale gives us another opportunity to get rid of what we already have, which has been given to us, so it allows us to take a lot more maybe more than we were before,” Wallace said.

They plan to open everything to the public every Tuesday and Saturday, while nonprofits will still have their days for an additional discount. According to Gerald Mack, this is something that will help in more ways than one.

For more information on the furniture bank, Click here.

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