Happy Home DLC’s Weirdest Villager Design Requests

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise allows players more freedom than ever before, allowing them to decorate without having to own too much furniture. However, in order to include a sense of progression and challenge, Nintendo gave each villager a prompt for players to design the houses around. These prompts are usually quite tame but are surprisingly diverse, ranging from resort themes to kitchen areas, sometimes even giving a color-related prompt like orange or red to mix things up.

Some villagers have strange requests, however. The number of furniture in Animal crossing is huge, but it means that the villagers can ask for strange combinations. Pair that with the fact that players can use custom designs to make those weird concepts even weirder and the houses that end up being designed in. Happy home paradise become elaborate and complex.


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An interesting inspiration may come from the start of the Happy home paradise DLC and designing a house based on a tough prompt, however. The limitations of using specific furniture items help designers envision a floor plan better than some of the more basic requests. But sometimes you have to make concessions to create Animal crossing houses based on foreign ideas. It is important and exciting to successfully design the theme, so here are some tips and tricks to satisfy Happy home paradisemost demanding customers.

Animal Crossing’s Peanut Wants An Americana-Themed Vacation In Heaven From Home

A bald eagle, America's national animal next to the Animal Crossing peanut

Considering Nintendo’s origins, it makes sense that there are Japanese-inspired guests like Gladys for a Japanese garden and Shino for a Japanese-style stage to sing about. There are other cultural motivations, but the strangest one is Peanut’s wish for an Americana-themed house. For those who want an idea of ​​American arcade design in Animal crossing, pinball machines are available, but the pack leans more towards diners and motorcycles, with KK Gumbo also available to enhance the old-world atmosphere.

Many others Happy home paradise guests that feel tied to a country’s culture are more generalized, such as Kalus’ demand for a “classic era” inspired home or Monique. Peanut’s prompt specifically calls out Americana, which means players are building either a restaurant or a tourist trap museum. It’s difficult to tie a room together given the odd nature of the recommended items, but one possible way to do it is to arrange a dining area with boxed sofas and counter tables.

Sheldon wants traffic school on Animal Crossing Island

Sheldon next to a traffic light

Sheldon doesn’t want a place where people drive, he wants a traffic school. There are other classrooms and a whole side quest in Happy home paradise on designing a school, but it’s a strange request for a game that is also played by children who are not yet old enough to drive. Its items are a mini-car, a signal of passage, and a dummy, which means players must integrate the lessons into the indoor classroom.

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The demand is always driving-oriented, as none of the required items are school-themed. This request becomes easier if players envision one floor as a classroom and another as a field test, but for those who haven’t unlocked this feature yet, it can be difficult to do both at the same time. . Perhaps it would be better to design a cityscape with a car inside while placing the mannequin in the center of a street-themed floor rather than designing a traditional schoolhouse.

Egbert wants a house full of numbers in Animal Crossing’s happy paradise

Egbert from Animal Crossing surrounded by figures

The two villagers above want furniture in Animal crossing 2.0, but Egbert has a wildly abstract theme that expands the possibilities of interior design – he wants a house designed entirely around numbers. In Happy home designer for the 3DS the demand was more stringent being limited to even numbers, but even with the additions it’s a difficult theme to conceive. The only piece of furniture required is the color wheel with numbers, but this detracts from the design rather than helping it. With such a narrow and offbeat demand, it would help to have a direction beyond clocks and games.

It is certainly a prompt to take later in Happy home paradise with furniture effects and features, but for those who get Egbert early on, there are still some fun takes one could pull off with his house. Dress it up like the Earl of Sesame Street or laying floor tiles to create a sudoku puzzle could add some style to the space. The number wheel could inspire a player-designed board game or possibly a trivia game in Animal crossing, but these still require a lot of planning and objects that Egbert doesn’t give to designers right away.

Cesar wants an unfinished Animal Crossing house in Happy Home Paradise

Caesar in front of an unfinished house

More Animal crossing houses take a lot of time and effort to move forward, but Caesar has a request that seems to go against it all. Caesar wants an unfinished house like in a city Animal crossing should come back and specifically wants cones, crash barriers, and concrete mixers to get there. The task of creating an unfinished house might seem like an easy task, but there are only a few items that match the building theme that the game wants players to build.

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Happy home paradise calls this task a “half-built” house, a phrase that involves more progress than just building a construction site. The use of furniture other than the parts included in the order is not required by Animal crossing, but it’s hard to do that without the room feeling haphazard. The best way to tackle this design is to divide the room down the middle, fill one side with beds, tables, and sofas, and then fill the other with the building equipment Cesar needs.

One of the greatest elements of designing homes for residents of Happy home paradise is that players can put as much work into their homes as they want. If someone just wants to fill the floor with commissioned items or wants to take it a step further and incorporate wall and ceiling decorations, both will be rewarded with the game. These villagers offer a singularity to those who wish to give characters Simple living spaces and challenges for designers who wish to test their interior design skills.

Later in the game, players can even present ideas to the villagers themselves, which means if someone wants those original villagers in their Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise remedies, they can do so without having to deal with strange requests. People have a lot of freedom to play the game as casually or technically as they want. With the Happy Home Network application allowing everyone to share their creations online and via social networks, all these different styles of play can be presented and have the same success.

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