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The government and the energy industry have agreed to provide support for people in financial difficulty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Those who have money problems or are repaying a debt to their energy supplier are offered options such as:

  • a review of bill payment plans, including debt repayment plans
  • payment interruptions or reductions in the amount to be paid
  • an increase in the payment period for invoices
  • access to hardship funds.

For those worried that they may not be able to afford the cost of the extra gas or electricity they use because they have to self-isolate at home, support will be available through their energy supplier.

Suppliers will take into account the financial situation of each customer.

No one with a standard credit meter, where bills are paid in arrears monthly by direct debit or quarterly by cash or check, will be cut off during the crisis.

Energy companies are working to ensure that those with prepaid meters receive the necessary credits, with top-up cards mailed out if needed.

No credit counters will be disconnected during the outbreak.

Anyone concerned about their ability to pay their energy bills on time is encouraged to contact their energy supplier as soon as possible.

Customers shouldn’t just stop paying their bills without contacting their supplier.

The energy industry is also managing its resources to ensure continued supply across the UK during the pandemic.

For example, the deployment of smart meters has been suspended to allow staff to be deployed on other missions related to the guarantee of supply.

It is still possible to switch energy suppliers during the current crisis as switching does not involve any work inside or outside your property.

Water bills

Water companies are also keen to discuss ways to help customers in financial difficulty due to the coronavirus, again through measures such as payment deferrals and furloughs.

It is important that customers contact their water company to discuss their situation rather than simply not paying their bill.

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