High Tide’s refresh for audio furniture brand Symbol echoes the sharp corners of a cabinet

The Supreme font family, a contemporary take on the classic Futura typeface, was used for its clean geometric letterforms. The creative studio says, “The way we present text in a rhythmic manner is directly inspired by the music and musical notes on a page. This evokes another important theme for the brand. ” Even though [Symbol] were expanding into other types of furniture, a key consideration was also that they wanted the brand to still feel rooted in music,” confirms High Tide founder and creative director Danny Miller. The audio aspect of Symbol takes center stage within the brand. Deconstructing the shapes in the wordmark, High Tide introduces a central dot, representing a vinyl record – to enclose the circle, High Tide combines other shapes to create an ‘S’. This new design replaces the previous iteration of a simple circle within a square.

“Sometimes with a rebrand, you have to find the character of the brand, take whatever works and tweak it. With Symbol, the company was in the right place, but its strengths weren’t quite there yet. visible,” says Danny.

Finally, the design studio adds a myriad of schematic furniture designs to the brand. With a clean, technical design style, High Tide breaks down the shape of each product in a utilitarian way, which contrasts with the brand’s almost emotional use of color. It’s another trick High Tide takes from mid-century design, a time “when designers were limited by what they could produce graphically, so the use of bright, punchy colors allowed them to create maximum impact in a simple and effective way,” the press release reveals. This technique is especially important for bringing a sense of “excitement” to the symbol refresh, High Tide explains.

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