How to get a loan to unemployed?

According to statistics, in March 2019, 340.7 thousand officially unemployed were registered in the country. But these are only those who are registered with the Employment Centers at the place of registration. And how many citizens do not work and do not become “on the exchange”, they work for themselves or in organizations unofficially. It turns out that formally they are also unemployed? But often such people have incomes not less than those who receive a white salary.

So why are they denied loans to banks or other financial institutions? And what to do “unemployed” in case of financial difficulties? Let us consider in more detail ways to solve this problem.

How much is it realistic to take out a loan to the unemployed in a bank?

How much is it realistic to take out a loan to the unemployed in a bank?

When applying for a loan at a bank, it is mandatory to provide a statement of income. This document will be for the lender a certain guarantee of a refund in case of financial difficulties of the borrower. If there is no such certificate, the bank may or may not issue a loan, or issue on very disloyal terms. True, if you provide two guarantors, then the chances of getting a loan from the bank increase slightly.

In these cases, the bank will necessarily check the borrower’s credit history, its income, as well as the presence of positive experience of cooperation with the selected institution. It should be understood that if the bank agreed to issue a loan, then its cost will be much higher than for those who can provide a certificate of income. Therefore, often borrowers have to look for more alternative ways of lending.

If you work for yourself or informally, it will be more reliable and easier to contact an online lending company.

Where to quickly get a loan for the unemployed?

Where to quickly get a loan for the unemployed?

There are very few places where you can quickly get a loan for those officially not working. You can also approve a loan to the unemployed at a pawnshop, but here you will have to leave personal valuable property as a pledge. And if the repayment terms are violated, you can completely lose it.

How to be? Only microfinance organizations (MFIs) can help with this, because they generally do not require a certificate of income. It’s not so difficult to find a non-bank type credit company where you can get a loan to an unemployed person with a bad credit history, without inquiries and guarantors. As a guarantee, they may ask for an advance payment or registration of additional services. But there are companies that earn only interest on loans without hidden fees.

Quickly, conveniently and without hassle, you can get an unemployed loan with us.

How to get a loan?

How to get a loan?

You only need to prepare your passport (with which you need to take a photo in your hands), TIN and a bank card for which money will come. The process consists of several steps:

– selection of the amount on the loan calculator on the main page of the site;

– filling out a questionnaire for new users;

– application processing and card verification in the system;

– Decisions on the application and electronic signature of the loan agreement;

In the positive case, the money will be instantly credited to the card.

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