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Animal Crossing: New Horizons group stretching is performed on the square, and players can unlock rewards and miles for repeated sessions.

Animal crossing: new horizons Now includes Party Stretch, which unlocks rewards when players participate. The Group Stretch was added with Update 2.0 which launched in November 2021 and is free content available to all players. Those who played Animal crossing for the GameCube can recognize the group stretch function as reminiscent of Morning Aerobics.

Group stretches are a series of light exercises and stretching poses that can be performed by the player in real life using the movement controls of their Joy-Cons, or players can follow a series of ‘press the buttons on the Pro controller. A group stretching session lasts a few minutes, and the duration remains the same each time. The player will be joined by nine other participants, including ACNH villagers and NPCs, including visiting NPCs such as Flick or Kicks and permanent special characters such as Wilbur or Isabelle.


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To start a group stretching session in Animal crossing: new horizons, the player must visit Resident Services. Group stretching is available anytime, anytime of the year. To start the group stretch session, the player can interact with the Tape Deck next to the entrance to Animal Crossing Resident Services in the square and select the ‘stretch out! “

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Group Stretch Rewards

Players who participate in group stretches daily can earn a variety of exclusives ACNH rewards. The rewards will arrive by mail the day after the player fulfills the conditions.

  • The first award is a Nook Inc. leotard, a green garment to be mailed to the player after three group stretch sessions.
  • Players will receive the Nook Inc. Yoga Mat, a green mat with a leaf pattern, after completing ten group stretching sessions. It is important to note that players must participate in group stretches on different days, as only one group stretching session per day counts towards these rewards in Animal crossing: new horizons.
  • Once players complete 20 group stretching sessions on single days, they will be rewarded with the dumbbell, a piece of furniture made from Animal crossing: new horizons.
  • The reward for 30 group stretch sessions is a protein shake, a held item that can be equipped as a tool and carried around the island. The colors of the dumbbell and protein shake vary by island, but players will only receive one.
  • The final reward for participating in group stretching at Animal crossing: new horizons is seven new reactions, unlocked after the player has completed 50 group stretch sessions on separate days. Players can perform reactions anywhere on the island, where many of these reactions are drills and poses performed during a group stretch session. These reactions include warming up the posture, arm circles, lateral bends, body twists, wide arm stretching, upper body circles, and jumping.

In addition to furniture, clothing, and reaction rewards, players will also earn Nook Miles for group stretching. The Nook Mileage program has the “Stretch to Refresh” objective, which rewards Animal crossing players with Nook Miles for completing group stretching sessions. The first tampon is earned after a player completes three sessions on different days, with a total of five buffers that can be acquired with increasing required group stretch sessions.

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Animal crossing: new horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

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