Jacquelyn Wind, Global Furniture Group: NYREJ


Name: Jacquelyn Wind

Title: Territory Manager, Corporate Business Development-Long Island / Metro NY

Company name: Global Furniture Group

How many years have you been in your current field? 6-1 / 2 years

Indicate up to three CRE organizations of which you are currently a member:

  • Company of Commercial and Industrial Brokers (CIBS-LI)

What has been your greatest professional achievement or your most significant project in the past 12 months?
My greatest professional success at Global happened when I first started hiring. I was warned that the territory I was about to inherit had not had strong representation for seven years, and that the global “brand” would need to be introduced or renewed with our dealer partners and their partners. commercial. I made it my professional / personal challenge to spread the Global brand to all those who would like to listen to me! There were some fun bets at the various dealerships, which I wouldn’t hold for a year… well, I guess I won! I made some wonderful friends along the way.

What trend (s) do you predict to dominate your industry in 2019?
Consumers are still looking for “healthy buildings” or “green” initiatives, as we have seen for over 10 years. “Healthy” employees and sustainable furniture will dominate 2019. The allocation of space in the office will continue to shift from an individual space to a more collective and community space, to further promote collaboration, team-based work. activities and migration within their spaces.

Which of your philanthropic activities are you most proud of?
After the recession, I gave up my 28-year career as a commercial interior designer. I wanted to give back to my community. I contacted the American Heart Association to volunteer. I was placed on the HeART Ball event committee. Local artists donated their artwork for the event and were to stay within the “What Do You Mean Most?” Theme. »I am also an artist (when I have the time!) My piece sold for $ 450! Someone loved my artwork and I raised money for the organization at the same time! It was a poignant moment for me.

What does it mean to you to be a team player?
A team player is someone who openly includes others … unbeknownst to them that you fully intend to help, encourage, strategize and achieve their goals … without no sense of return on investment and receiving the greatest sense of accomplishment knowing your teammate has been successful.

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