JCPenney seeks to regain home powerhouse status


The newest addition to the assortment, the Back to Everything collection with The Novogratz, launched last month.

NEW YORK – JCPenney clarified the positioning of its four pillar brands for the sweet home and added a pair of exterior brands to the mix. Today, it is poised to take over part of the window market that once made it the dominant national retailer in the category.

In an exclusive online interview with Home Textiles Today editor-in-chief Warren Shoulberg, executive vice president and head of the Mrchandising division, Michelle Wlazlo, discussed what has been accomplished and where the company is heading. retailer.

Michelle wlazlo

“It’s important to be really honest and say that we’ve probably lost touch with each other a bit,” she said. “And this powerhouse status that we have to reclaim is really by having a new strategy around our assortment.”

In the Sweet Home, the aesthetic had become too narrow, she added. “Powerful brands” have been categorized into four segments: timeless quality (Liz Claiborne), affordable essentials (Home Expression), accessible modern (Loom & Forge) and casual with artisan touches (Linden Street ).

Fieldcrest’s launch earlier this year as an exclusive adds a heritage brand to the mix. The recent rollout of the retailer’s limited partnership with The Novogrtaz brings something new to the assortment.

“It was quite extraordinary to see the results of this choice that we have for our client now – and to give our clients the credit that they have a wide variety of aesthetics and that they wanted more choices,” he said. said Wlazlo, who hinted that other brands are in the works. “We have other things to come for everyone.

Other takeaways from the online interview:

  • Window: “People don’t dress their windows like they used to when we had such a dominant position in the market,” she said. But Penney’s is looking to reclaim shares by pulling its pillar marks into the storefront. It is also setting up a partnership with Custom Decorators which will put it back in this sector of activity.
  • E-commerce: Home was “a huge beneficiary” of the overhaul. The site now has the technology to tell stories, embed videos and links to how-to information such as making a bed. “It’s something you can experience instead of just trading,” she said.
  • The rise of home business: While Wlazlo thinks things will stabilize, she also believes the exodus of people to the suburbs will keep things buzzing for a while. “It’s going to take a long time for people. in my opinion, to furnish these houses.

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