Le Lab design gallery celebrates innovation in the Middle East in Cairo


Organized, collectible and contemporary, Le Lab is a design gallery founded by Egyptian art and design collector Rasheed Kamel at the Walk of Cairo. Revisiting the way design is interpreted, Le Lab aims to question the boundaries between art and architecture, and to provide emerging and established designers from across the Middle East with a space where all design schools are. celebrated.

“The mission is to encourage the development of the Egyptian design scene and to participate in the transformation of Cairo into a regional and international hub for art and design,” Kamel told SceneHome. The Lab will promote creators through its gallery as part of a year-round program that includes special initiatives, art fairs and exhibitions. “My real vocation was to be a collector, it is my way of preserving and recognizing the rich artistic heritage of the region.

The gallery recently opened with an inaugural solo exhibition by renowned Lebanese designer Georges Mohasseb, co-founder of Beirut-based Studio Manda. Entitled “Intermission”, the exhibition highlights the different aspects of Mohasseb’s creative process with particular emphasis on a multifaceted expression of the form and function of natural materials.

“It’s a great opportunity to present this work to the Lab,” says Mohasseb. “Not only does this allow me to exhibit my designs in a new environment, but I hope these pieces can in some way help improve the conversation about contemporary design between Egypt and the Middle East.”

Emphasizing its design orientation, Le Lab had its venue and branding designed by the award-winning studio The Design Firm Plus, with its founder Hala Saleh creating a veritable dictionary of sensory symbolism, drawing inspiration from the visual remedies of paints, rejuvenating scents aromatherapy oils. , the revitalizing effect of detoxifying food and drink, and the distinct touch of furniture and designed objects, as well as the therapeutic effect of music, transforming the gallery into an immersive sensory experience.


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