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Muuto – the Copenhagen-based design collective founded in 2006 – understands you. Rooted in Scandinavian design and characterized by endearing aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and honest expression, Muuto’s ambition is to express new perspectives on modern design and to ‘challenge the conventional perception of this to what a certain space should look like ”. It works. And it just works for you.

Do you fancy furniture with substance – furniture, lighting and household items it takes into account your lifestyle, your values ​​- besides being beautiful and well-made furniture. This is exactly what Muuto offers; home products that mean so much, people wonder why it hasn’t always been so. In addition, all of Muuto’s designs are also unique. This is because they select leading contemporary designers who are strong interpreters of their philosophy and combine their talents to create a range of high quality furniture that you won’t see anywhere else.

Each product is approached with the idea that a beautiful, avant-garde and characteristic design should not be confined to the limits of private space, but rather to a multitude of different environments. Which means every product deserves a place in your home. Granted, you can’t have it all, but you can have a few key things which are exactly what we’ve outlined below. So, scroll down to check out some of our top picks and shop the entire Muuto collection. here.

Designer duo Anderssen & Vol combined refined Nordic design and modern luxury to create the Two Seater Outline sofa for Muuto. With comfort a top priority, the deep seats and the foam and feather-filled body of the sofa make relaxation a dream; the perfect sofa to sink in and relax at the end of a long day.

The shape of the flowing lamp was inspired by a drop of water at rest and it is the embodiment of Muuto’s goal of encouraging new perspectives on modern design. The soft round shape and frosted matte glass gives off a warm ambient light that adds character to any room. This lamp can be hung as a single piece or in clusters as a bespoke feature piece.

As we said, Muuto’s approach to design is simple: to create innovative and functional designs that people can’t resist. It’s safe to say that they’re good enough to fulfill that mandate, because this Around little coffee table is one of those special types of furniture that you can build an interior around. A unique combination of functionality and elegance, the unique edge around the table top means that the items on the table are placed securely and perfectly while being the design feature of the room. It is perfect to combine with the other tables of the Around collection such as the large light gray Around coffee table or the small black Around coffee table.

Muuto 2
Muuto 3

Despite fierce competition in the home lighting world, the Muuto track light is quickly becoming a modern classic in the brand’s growing lighting catalog. This is because he has a lot more character than most. With its three-shade formation, the Ambit Track Lamp is perfect as a primary light source above a kitchen counter, dining table or even a bar. It’s not only this level of versatility that gives it its edge, but it’s the marriage of the raw and delicate elements of Scandinavian interior design that makes it particularly special.

Filling your home with multifunctional furniture is a simple step towards making your home much more livable. This split dining table is an example, as the solid oak wood frame boasts a unique long silhouette that is versatile and durable enough to be used for a range of functions. Rarely does a modern design piece operate in the realms of both minimalism and innovation – yet this split table manages to do just that. Because it elegantly combines the raw and luxurious appeal of solid wood with a functional and formal form.

The Atelier is a simple and honest chair, but it’s the exquisite details that make it so unique to Muuto. The distinguished joints and visible wood grains in the structure of the chair emphasize the craftsmanship and design elements of the workshop chair and echo the philosophy and aesthetics of Muuto.

Muuto 4

A simple Nordic design and a playful character are what makes the Pull floor lamp by Muuto so unique. The composition of the oak wood and white shade gives a sophisticated yet relaxed feel which is the perfect height and stature to light up any room in the house, whether placed next to a table , a sofa or a lounge chair.

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