Nøjkærhus Visitor Center combines former ranger posts with modern Nordic design

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Perched in the center of a clearing in the dense woods of the highlands, the first ranger buildings served as a base for open-air explorers. The new Nøjkærhus serves visitors by acting as an inviting space that invites visitors to come in and explore or rest during the activities. Supported by the Danish Culture and Sports Facilities Foundation, Nøjkærhus is believed to be a lasting icon for the future, merging architecture with the outdoors.

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Nøjkærhus is made up of two existing buildings and two new buildings, all connected, each emphasizing the tradition and materials of Nordic design. The main house, one of the original ranger buildings, serves as a visitor center, with two floors for families and hikers to relax, play or meet. To its left is the new glass house, made of panes along the walls and roof that directly connects visitors to the lush green hues of the forest and the blue of the sky.

The stable is the other original structure, serving as a cozy space with a wood-burning fireplace for warmth. The Log House is the other new structure, also clad in glass walls covered with firewood cut from the roof to the ground, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Common tables inside welcome visitors to mix and mingle with the local wood.

The Connected Buildings reuse two existing structures that were previously inaccessible to the public, creating a new visitor center that invites visitors to take comfort after exploring the forests and lakes of the region.

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