Outrage after Williams-Sonoma sacks more than 100 workers in group Zoom call before Christmas

High-end retailer Williams-Sonoma has come under fire for abruptly terminating the contracts of numerous staff members during a series of brutal conference calls just days before Christmas. The workers who were made redundant worked remotely as a seasonal business support and were not permanent employees. But what shocked them was that their jobs were terminated more than a month before their contracts expired.

According to reports, the remote staff worked for the retail company and its subsidiaries, Pottery Barn and West Elm. One of the dismissed staff, who did not want to be named, told the Daily Mail: “It’s awful, people are devastated. I am a single parent, I can’t afford Christmas anymore.


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Although the housewares giant claimed it fired workers in “small group meetings” of around 10-15 people on a call, the former anonymous employee, who had worked as a furniture associate, rejected the demand of the retail chain and said there were more than 100 people on call at the time of the layoffs.

But Williams-Sonoma was not shy about firing remote workers, saying there was no set time frame for hiring or firing staff members hired for seasonal assignments. These jobs can start and end at any time during the retail boom between August and January. “With a lot of seasonal work, most of the work takes place before Christmas. There is nothing that promises the end date of the seasonal assignment, ”noted a spokesperson.

But the laid-off employees didn’t think so. She said, “[With] all this work of family culture now there is such disrespect for workers. It was really horrible to be treated that way. One video of such a call showed a manager telling people, “We want to thank you for your time with us and for helping us make the season a success. Right after that call, we want you to clock in.

The manager’s announcement sparked outrage when a laid-off worker asked, “You’re doing this Christmas week, whose idea was that?” The manager replied, “This is not open for discussion, we are not having this conversation. The staff member hit back, “We’re going to have this conversation!” What are you going to do, write to me? Will you write to me? You just fired us!

Others can be heard asking, “Why would you all want to put us all in this big Zoom meeting instead of one-on-one?” The manager added, “If you have any further questions, you should speak to HR. Then a voice came, “I just joined the call, I don’t know what’s going on.” To which one person replied, “We were made redundant on Christmas week. “

The woman who spoke to DailyMail.com also claimed that such layoff calls have occurred at least five to six times in the past few days. She was hired in September along with a number of workers and they expected their time with Williams-Sonoma to end at the end of January 2022. But in the last few days, just before Christmas, layoff calls have started. happen. She said, “They said point and answer the call, don’t do any work. As soon as the call was over, we were kicked out of company systems. “

The source added: ‘I feel really bad, we are still in this pandemic, the new variant is happening. It’s a job that I knew was seasonal, and it’s good, but calling us all a month earlier is so humbling.

Many people have reacted to the mass shootings of Williams-Sonoma on online forums and on social media. One reviewer said: “The people who were hired last week on Friday were fired today. This is not at all what people expect when they think “temporary”. 3 days, it’s not temporary, it’s a snap. The second tweeted: “I have to say it again for people who don’t know. Your job only cares about how much you can earn them and when you become a negative you get fired. there is no loyalty in business, only profit. “I definitely won’t buy from them now,” added the third.

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