Pamplin Media Group – Making the Most of a Small Catering Space

There are clever ways to maximize every inch of a small dining room, and even smart solutions for those who don’t have a dining room at all.

Some homeowners may aspire to have expansive dining rooms that can seat 12 people under a magnificent chandelier.

This kind of space certainly makes it easier to organize dinners. However, modern homes usually have small dining areas that require homeowners or tenants to be resourceful when entertaining guests.

Hosts may not be able to expand their dining spaces, but there are clever ways to maximize every inch of a small dining room and even smart solutions for those without a dining room. all.

• Create the illusion of more space. The eating areas can be enlarged with a few tips. A mirror on the wall will reflect the light and make the room appear larger. Additionally, a large-scale patterned floor or oversized artwork on the wall can make the room feel more spacious.

• Maximize seats. Chairs can take up a lot of space in a dining room. To maximize seating availability in small dining rooms – or in spaces where you need to create a seating area – look for built-in banquettes or banquettes. These ideas can help create an instant cozy corner and save space in the process.

• Let space guide your choice of furniture. Depending on the size and shape of the room, choose a table that will fit comfortably. A round pedestal table can take up less space in a smaller room than an oblong or rectangular room. Also, if you have a narrow kitchen-style dining space, choose a narrow table and low-profile chairs. Again, benches can work well in tight spaces.

• Use the kitchen island. Many modern homes do not have a dedicated dining room, but kitchens that open onto the living rooms. Homeowners with kitchen islands can use large islands as dining areas, and they’re easy places to enjoy casual meals when the stools are pulled across the island.

• Install a drop-leaf table. Drop-leaf tables do for dining rooms what wall beds do for bedrooms. A wall-mounted drop-leaf table can be lowered for entertaining and folded up when the space needs to be rearranged.

• Brighten the color palette. Make dining rooms appear larger with more vibrant colors. Brightly colored decor, furniture and floors can do the trick.

• Invest in storage rooms. A simple buffet can hold silverware, tablecloths, wine glasses and more, but also double as a bar or server for a buffet.

Small dining rooms can be functional when space is maximized and design tips are implemented.

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