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The photo above shows food in the kitchen of the East York home for sale which appears to have become the site of a youth party. Inset photos show bottles of alcohol on a table and fries on the floor of one of the rooms. These photos were taken by a local real estate agent who met the young people as he prepared to show the house to potential buyers on the morning of Saturday, October 23.


Police are investigating after a local real estate agent reported an encounter with a number of young people who allegedly broke into an East York home that was being put up for sale.

The incident took place around 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 23.

The real estate agent told Beach Metro News he was showing the house to potential buyers when he found around 10 young people, boys and girls, inside the house. The house was unoccupied when it was put up for sale and has been staged with furniture and other items.

The real estate agent said the young people appeared to have had a party in the house, possibly the day before and on Saturday morning.

There was evidence of food, including fries and burgers prepared in the kitchen, as well as empty liquor bottles – Crown Royal appearing to be the drink of choice.

Photos of the damage to some furniture, empty bottles and food on the kitchen counter were taken by the real estate agent and shared with Beach Metro News.

A phone video the realtor shot of young people rushing out of the house when confronted was also shared with police and Beach Metro News. Due to the possibility that some of the people shown in the video are young offenders, Beach Metro News has decided not to include the video in this story.

In the video, a group of about seven young people quickly run away from the house and can be seen running down the road.

However, a young man who has most of his face covered slowly walks into a few rooms to retrieve items he had brought with him before leaving the house. This young man wore a black hoodie with what appeared to be an image of Homer Simpson on the front.

The real estate agent said he suspected something was going on when he couldn’t open the front door to the house with the key he had, and instead had to enter through the door. back with his key to that door.

Detectives assigned to the East York Division 54/55 area yesterday told the estate agent they were investigating the incident as a break and enter case. Police also told the real estate agent that the house may have been entered through a window.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the police at 416-808-5500 or anonymously at Crime Stoppers at 416-222-8477 or online at https://www.222tips.com

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