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How many times have you logged into Pinterest and looked at Nordic furniture, only to be disappointed that you couldn’t find similar pieces in India? Thanks to Abhishek Chaudhry, founder of Embassy Goods, you can now access pre-loved designs with an international aesthetic. Chaudhry mentions that the idea of ​​selling second-hand goods and movable property from foreign embassies and expatriates residing in Delhi was a fluke.

While working at a diagnostic center in Vasant Vihar in 2012, he went to the US embassy in the city to deliver a medical report to an expatriate who was leaving the country. During the conversation, the expatriate brought up the need to sell his goods.

Intrigued by the idea of ​​selling premium products at nominal prices, Chaudhry bought all of the products. Subsequently, through word of mouth, other expatriates leaving the country began to contact him. This simple expense turned into a full time business. “It would never have happened if I had sent a messenger to the embassy instead of going there myself,” he said.

Options galore

Embassy Goods started on social networking site Facebook (now Meta) in 2015. Chaudhry started with a warehouse at CR Park; he now has one in Ghitorni and a showroom in Sector 6, Noida.

Although the first products he sold were electronic gadgets, his company now sells all kinds of furniture, trundle beds from Korea, recliners from the UK, from baby changing tables to dollhouses and even Lego sets.

A self-taught pianist and golfer, two of Chaudhry’s favorite products are used pianos and golf kits.
Selling products at 50 percent less than the original cost price is their distinguishing feature. Chaudhry makes sure that the goods are in perfect condition.

“I avoid buying furniture to renovate. My goal is to buy and sell goods that I would like to see at home,” he shares. With 14 employees, Chaudhry also sells used and new Ikea products (the Swedish furniture giant) to Indian buyers and to the city’s embassies.

The crowd favorite

Chaudhry’s usual clientele are young couples looking to furnish their homes at minimal cost. Amit Kumar, a 42-year-old businessman from Faridabad, talks about a recently purchased gym table and equipment: “Getting top-of-the-line products at such a low cost is always a plus. In addition, Abhishek makes sure that the goods are in top condition so that most people don’t even realize they are second-hand. “

Chaudhry shares that, on several occasions, customers are willing to wait for him to purchase certain products.

He also says that with such a huge demand for signature goods in the city, Embassy Goods often holds virtual auctions twice a week on its Facebook page and invites buyers to bid. “I get affordable and unique products with one click and that’s the best part about Embassy Goods. I never had a problem with the products I liked, Embassy Goods rather helped me choose quality over quantity ”, concludes Randeep Raina (45) from Faridabad.


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