RO furniture group sells “little houses”


Mobexpert Group, one of the largest furniture retailers in Romania, has included in its offer “Tiny Houses”, following partnerships with producers from Piatra Neamț and Miercurea-Ciuc.

Home furnishings are made in Mobexpert factories in Târgu Mureș, reported. Two models are available: a trailer, a mobile home and a fixed one.

The mobile home is the result of a partnership with the manufacturer Eco Tiny House in Miercurea Ciuc, the company Explain.

For the second version, he joined forces with Modulary, a Piatra Neamț manufacturer belonging to the Belgian Dussenne family. Earlier this year, Modulary was one of the projects featured at Imperiul Leilor, a Pro TV show dedicated to entrepreneurs who want to market their business. Mobexpert founder and owner Dan Șucu was a jury member for the show and planned to invest in the company, Imperiul Leilor. announcement in March.

The “little house” can be used as a permanent or vacation home, or as a guesthouse, event or office location, the retailer explained.

The mobile home is on display in the Mobexpert Pipera store in Bucharest and will be available in all Mobexpert stores nationwide. The other models are exhibited in Mobexpert stores in Bucharest, Pipera and Băneasa, in Brașov, Constanța and Iași.

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