room2 Chiswick sets a new green standard for hotel design

Bringing a whole new sense of green living to the hospitality industry, the new hometel, room2 Chiswick moves away from neat and polished interiors and instead offers a relaxed setting that feels real to the touch with an authentic connection to craftsmanship. and the community. Inspired by the spirit of Chiswick’s 19and century’s arts and crafts heritage and recognizing the climate situation, room2 Chiswick, the world’s first net zero hotel, combines handcrafted local design with ultra-low environmental impact, proving that style doesn’t come at the expense of the environment.

When guests enter the hotel, they are greeted by reclaimed terracotta floors in the lobby, covered in locally sourced plants, inspired by the greenhouses at Kew Gardens. Plants are placed under reclaimed pendant lights to provide guests with a green oasis from the busy street outside. The entrance area pays homage to the iconic red house of William Morris, with 100% natural exposed concrete slabs and handmade tiles.

Hallways are lined with unique rugs made from plastic fishing nets salvaged from the ocean. Other bespoke features include handmade mosaic panels on each bedroom door that were crafted by local designer Janita OToole in lockdown, and a handcrafted coffee table that features artwork of a local craftsman, helping to stimulate the local economy. The rooms all come with extra touches, such as dried flowers and handmade bric-a-brac boxes. The interior designer of Hometels House of Dre describes the building:

“The exposed concrete slabs, bricks and blocks bring an unpretentious simplicity that is key to the room2 brand. The hardness of the shell is interspersed with cool touches of arabescato marble and striped fabrics. reclaimed antique elm bar was inspired by the ancient Japanese yakisugi process, creating a dark visual style and unique tactile feel.It’s about bringing a roughness and reality to a commercial space that feels like an environment. domesticated.

Through sourcing agency Dodd & Shute, each piece of furniture has been carefully selected so as not to harm the environment, many of which also promote a circular economy beyond the current lifespan. All bespoke furniture, as well as headboards and banquettes, were made within 10 miles of the property using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) timber and a total of 4,462 trees were planted to compensate the carbon of all the furniture used.

Throughout the hometel, guests are surrounded by bespoke handcrafted pieces made by a carefully selected group of designers, including:

Roberta Fox – Roberta is a local artist based in Chiswick, who has created unique and vibrant artwork for guest rooms, aligning with room2’s bold palette. Encouraging emerging talent in the region, his work has also been framed with FSC certified materials made in the UK.

Granby Workshop – Handmade ceramic tiles from Granby Workshop are found in each bathroom and on a blue communal table that is in the living room of the property. The edges are left exposed to show the depth of the veins running through the tiles and no tile throughout the hotel is identical to another. Based in Manchester, Granby Workshop offers a modern nod to the Victorian love of encaustic tiles and is an example of today’s craftsmanship achievement.

Maiden Marbling – The woman behind the hotel’s bespoke marbled print wallpaper found throughout the hotel. Created by Rachel Maiden, the unique wallpaper was then printed by Vescom whose factories all run on renewable energy.

Petronella Hall – Hand-drawn wallpaper by award-winning interior design brand Petronella Hall featuring intricate dancing human bodies is featured in half of the guest bathrooms.

Slow Down Studio – The fun and colorful artwork and throws created by Slow Down Studio can be found in every room and scattered throughout the hotel, and are made from 80% recyclable cotton.

Kieran Letts – Each handcrafted Dali-esque mirror, created by London-based artist Kieran Letts, uses British wood and a steam bending process. Guests can find these characterful mirrors in the marble-clad elevator and in all guest bathrooms.

Alfred Newall – Tucked away in the lobby, patrons will find the Jungle Booth, a small seating area with table, complete with Alfred Newall’s handcrafted mirror. Part of its Bobbin collection, Newall combines modern colors in a twist on the historic design lineage.

As the first hotel in the world to fully consider its entire carbon footprint, making it ‘net zero whole life’, the colorful hometel room2 Chiswick has a host of sustainable efforts under its belt. Reducing energy demand through design, room2 Chiswick uses ultra-energy efficient lighting, occupancy sensors throughout the building, solar panels and geothermal heat pumps, which convert 100% of the energy needed heating, cooling and hot water. Other sustainable initiatives include a blue roof, which can hold up to 50,000 liters of rainwater to reduce localized flooding and a green roof, featuring soil and wildflowers to increase biodiversity and absorb CO2. room2 Chiswick is also zero waste to landfill and one of the first hotels to separate food waste from mixed packaging into bespoke in-room recycling bins.

Considered a place to live, not just to stay, guests can expect a relaxed and informal experience at room2 Chiswick. Whether you are staying for two nights or two months, room2 Chiswick has created a carefully designed environment for a living experience that suits everyone. With fully equipped kitchenettes, a choice of mattresses, and a full 24-hour stay, Bedroom 2 allows guests to customize their visit and stay more comfortably longer. The new hometel also offers laundry facilities, a gym with Peloton equipment, as well as an independent cafe by day and a cocktail bar by night specializing in locally sourced organic food, coffee and wine.

Rooms at room2 Chiswick start from £129 per night for 2 people staying in a comfortable room. For more information, please visit

room2 Chiswick is offering a special 25% introductory discount available on all bookings made from 1st December 2021 to 28th February 2022.

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