Telos Furniture, LLC Announces New Home Website for Dillon Furniture Group, Our Fast Delivery Online Furniture Brand

fast shipping solution for hospitality furniture

Telos Furniture, LLC, part of RHahn Holdings, LLC, is pleased to announce the launch of our new online fast shipping Dillon Furniture Group website at

The new website offers a contemporary look, ease of navigation and a streamlined user experience. It features collections both made in the US and overseas, offering traditional to modern styling at moderate prices. Allow users to formulate quotes for bedroom furnishings and obtain pricing and production schedules from their local DFG representative. From quotes to ordering and shipping to your hotel, it all starts right at your fingertips.

The website is a real resource for reviewing online finishes, granites, quarters, hardware and more. Users will be able to view sizes, line drawings and compare products through the DFG search engine.

The enhanced portfolio allows customers to view previous DFG installations and be inspired by all of the options offered by our collections.

To view the website and start your quote, please visit

About DFG, Dillon Furniture Group, an online hotel brand of Telos Furniture, LLC Bed and Breakfast cases of good manufacturers whose factories both at home and abroad have been making top-notch hospitality furniture for over 20 years. Our balanced approach to owning factories in the United States, as well as a management staff with over 60 years of expertise in sourcing and managing national factories, allows us to provide a unique experience of good production. of hospitality here in the United States and abroad.

Telos Furniture, LLC is committed to respecting our customers ‘time, our customers’ design, strict engineering excellence, precise management support, and sound environmental decisions.

RHahn Holdings, LLC. An international furniture holding company based in Greensboro, NC for hospitality and residential furniture groups.

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