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MAURY THOMPSON Special for The Post-Star

From The Post-Star in 1972:

A nearly two-year volunteer effort convinced the state Department of Environmental Conservation to install a $50,000 ($345,557 in 2022 dollars) air quality monitoring station at Glens Falls, The Post Star announced May 11.

The location was to be on Dix Avenue, next to the WWSC radio station, near East Field.

The Warren and Washington Counties Action for Clean Air Council, established in September 1970, advocated for the monitoring station.

Ronald Newell, later a longtime Glens Falls city attorney, was president of the advocacy organization.

The group set up temporary monitoring devices at seven locations around Glens Falls, Fort Edward and Hudson Falls, and volunteers collected results twice a day from August to October 1971 to document the need for a monitoring station. permed.

“In order to take on the responsibility of looking after the daily reading and transfer of ‘bubblers’ monitoring air pollutants at stations and recording the results, some members had to start their day at 6 a.m.… They did daily, seven days a week.”

People also read…

Another group collected data at 5:30 p.m. each evening.

At the movie theater: The five-time Oscar-winning 20th Century Fox film ‘The French Connection’ was screened at the Paramount Theater on Ridge Street in Glens Falls. — May 15

VF: Under the leadership of Membership Committee Chairman George Daley, Queensbury VFW Post 6196 increased membership from 132 to 173 within a year. — May 22.

Library week: To celebrate National Library Week, Jeanne Hastings, owner of the Stone Schoolhouse Studio and Art Gallery, donated a watercolor of ‘City Mouse and Country House’ to hang in the children’s corner of the Caldwell-Lake Library. George. – May 2nd

French honors: Glens Falls High School students William Clark, Nelson Wagar, Jay Bobbin, Deborah Williams, Denise Lucas and Deana Elwell won regional honors in the National French Contest. — May 17

Game Show Winner: Glens Falls native Madelyn Belden Taylor, daughter of Mr and Mrs Paul Belden of Fifth Street, won $1,100 worth of furniture and other prizes on the game show ‘Let’s Make A Deal’. — May 11

Sports stories: “Billy” Collins (now Mayor of Glens Falls in 2022) scored a goal-laden hat-trick for Big Sport in a Glens Falls Little League game at Crandall Park Recreation Field. Still, Big Sport lost to the Glennies, 7-4. — May 19

Editorial: “There is no end to the development of political scenarios. Pundits, and others who to varying degrees fall short of this distinction, never tire of trying to figure out what will happen at the national convention if this or that or the other happens from here the convention. … The various scenarios proposed are often quite ingenious, provided that the crucial fact in question is kept in mind. It’s that anyone, including the most prestigious and experienced experts, or “watchers”, can – and will – be wrong. — April 20

Quoteable: “Laughter is good exercise. When someone laughs heartily, the diaphragm moves up and down and air is drawn into the lungs by means of a long, deep breath and expelled in a series of bursts. During this time, 15 sets of facial muscles contract and the vocal cords come together and separate as if in a dance. — TR Van Dellen, March 22

Maury Thompson was a Post Star journalist for 21 years before retiring in 2017. He is now a freelance writer and producer of documentary films who regularly researches historical newspapers in the region.

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