The best credit cards for every type of purchase

If you haven’t delved into the world of smart charging yet: welcome. Having multiple cards for various purchases maximizes your rewards and can reap many benefits. Here, the best cards for anything and everything, straight from the pros.


Restaurants: Uber Visa Card

Do you often treat yourself to dinner at a restaurant or a party with friends after work? While you might be used to throwing $20 on the bar at your local watering hole, mike windle, an expert in retirement planning, recommends a different approach. Instead of just trying out the new seasonal menu at a popular fine-dining establishment, the meal might actually pay off. His choice is Uber Visa Card, which earns 4% on meals, 3% on hotels and airline tickets, 2% on online purchases and 1% on…everything. Catering applies to delivery, fast food, and you guessed it, UberEATS. He also notes that if you spend $500 in the first 90 days with this card with no annual fee, you will also receive $100. Don’t be fooled by these 8 bad credit cards you should never open.

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Gasoline: Visa Chevron, Costco or PenFed Platinum Rewards signature card

For many households, gas is a necessary evil to get from point A to point Z, and at every stop in between. Windle says if you don’t mind your card being tied to certain stores or businesses, both Costco and Chevron are smart choices. While Costco offers 4% back on the first $7,000 you spend on gas each year, Chevron offers $0.03 per gallon each time you fill up your tank at a Chevron or Texaco store. For a more general map however, he suggests PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature Card, giving you five points per dollar at each gas station. And if you’re shopping for groceries after you stop pumping, Windle says you’ll enjoy three points per dollar at supermarkets and one point on everything else, too, with this card with no annual fee.

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