The FRENCH DESIGN 100 Digital Festival celebrates 100 projects that promote French design around the world


The list of names will be unveiled gradually during the festival by FRENCH DESIGN partners including international museums and cultural establishments, members of the jury, leading brands and design luminaries from participating countries, including a designer Timothy Corrigan, Christophe turner (guardian of design, architecture and digital technology, VIRGINIA museum at London), Hugo pontoriero (conservative, National Museum of Decorative Arts, Buenos Aires), Sangun Jeon (Director of Contemporary Art Center Plateforme-L, Seoul) and guest of honor Philippe starck.

This second edition of the FRENCH DESIGN 100 will include new and exclusive videos of the 100 creators and the addition of FRENCH DESIGN WORLD MAP interior design projects Le FRENCH DESIGN to help measure the role and impact of French design on an international scale.

Le FRENCH DESIGN 100 projects are not classified; rather, they aim to provide an overview of the various profiles and current projects. Each project demonstrates that despite the health crisis and the hardships endured by our design community, we can be even more creative, that geographic distances are not insurmountable, and, as always, cultural differences enrich our collaborations as well as our heritage.

The jury, chaired by the president Hervé Lemoine, director of National Furniture, includes a prestigious selection of international experts such as Deyan Sudjic (director emeritus, Design museum in London), Jennifer flay (creative director, FIAC, Paris), Leïla Anna Wahba (director and chief curator, Museum of Architecture and Design, Los Angeles), Dakota jackson (designer and founder, House of Dakota jackson, New York) and Miryon Ko (artistic and cultural director of Cartier, Japan).

The names of the 100 recipients will be available on January 20, 2022, on this link: FRENCH DESIGN 100. To request the list of winners (under embargo before January 20), press kit and images, contact:



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