the reynaers group’s ‘carré’ showroom opens in paris

the “carré” highlights reynaers’ production know-how

The ‘Square’ showroom in Paris is a new meeting place, workand exchange completed by Studio 5•5 for Reynaers Aluminium, and its partner Forster, specialized in steel production. Radiant with natural light, electric blue accents, greenery and raw materials, the showroom is designed as a small public garden that highlights the know-how and manufacturing processes of the different solutions offered by the two companies. At the end of the day, ‘it is a meeting place between architects and manufacturers,’ explains the studio.

all images courtesy of Studio 5•5

transform scrap materials + raw profiles into vibrant furniture

Inside the “Square”, Studio 5•5 (see more here) used off-cuts and raw profiles from Forster and Reynaers Aluminum (see more here) to build furniture and light fixtures. The architects also incorporated existing industrial products and solutions from the group’s manufacturing workshops, displaying them in the center of the showroom for interested visitors and customers to peruse.

Additionally, enhancing the “production” atmosphere, demountable and mobile units help users reconfigure any space for specific events or programs. ‘Shelves-racks, suspension profiles, benches-trolleys, all allow you to immerse yourself in the know-how of the transformation of aluminum and steel while showcasing the reference sites of each manufacturer. Connecting the different elements are splashes of greenery, recalling the purpose of facades and frames: a link between the interior and exterior of any architectural device,” writes the team.

scraps and more twisted by studio 55 to reinvent the square for reynaers forster 3
aluminum profiles on shelves, recycled into shelves

5•5 studio completes colorful and bright showroom for reynaers group in paris

meeting room, clad in electric blue

scraps and more twisted by studio 55 to reinvent the square for reynaers forster 7

mobile and dismountable units fill the showroom

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