This Ahmedabad restaurant pays homage to the beauty of clay and sustainable design

A line of graphic faces depicts the social nature of the space. The substrate of the work of art is the protagonist of the spatial narrative: an organic plaster with golden hues applied by hand to the walls.

Photographix India

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The attempt then became to build that connection, that legacy, and that talent into the new business. “As the client had financial constraints, we explored his dynamic and historical heritage when designing the space. We told the client to let his family, who are still in this business, use their talent and, at his turn, we would use these different forms of traditional vernacular materials in the restaurant,” the designers say. “In this way, we could subtly but emphatically exemplify family craftsmanship.”

Clay all the way

The moldable and versatile green material occupies the design narrative and is explored both as a means of creating objects and surfaces. Unfired clay vessels and earthenware tableware are the embodiments of the old company, but it is the avatar of the material as a surface finish that is the most interesting part of this story. “The clay was mixed with the dye extracted from the flower of the Palash (flame of the forest) tree, turmeric, a natural binder and other organic ingredients like hay to form a glorious golden paste” , reveals Bhadri. “Material development and research was done on-site, and we had to do a few iterations to get everything perfect,” she says, proudly pointing out that no artificial pigments or additives were used in the process. .

Terracotta crockery reinforces the central design theme of the restaurant. Bespoke Tantu lamps, made from reclaimed jute and fabric, drop from the jute-lined ceiling. Note the custom leaf shaped jute screens designed to hide the AC compressor.

Photographix India

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