What is Barbiecore? Furniture ideas for the interior design trend

All that glitters isn’t gold, but apparently all that pink is now Barbiecore.

Ok, maybe not everything it’s pink, but the latest trend in fashion and design is a strong argument. Fuchsia sofas, blush poufs and pink rugs are all over the internet. Actress Anne Hathaway practically broke it after stepping out in a hot pink sequin dress and platform shoes.

That’s because Barbiecore revolves around, you guessed it, the iconic Mattel doll that has long peddled that particular shade. Let them be fueled by behind-the-scenes photos of actor Ryan Gosling and actress Margot Robbie – dressed in the Jazzercise Nines for director Greta Gerwig’s 2023 film Barbie or the fact that every trend seems to be coming back (looking at you, overalls), Barbiecore comes to life in plastic and makes it fantastic for adults and kids alike.

The Trixie Motel in Palm Springs

Dani Dazey

What is Barbiecore?

Barbiecore is about “having fun with design,” says Los Angeles-based designer known as Dani Dazey, whose self-proclaimed “human-sized dollhouses” have garnered tons of fans on social media. The trend is “returning to a time when we were less afraid to make bold decisions and embrace things that make us happy, despite what other people think,” Dazey continues. “It doesn’t have to be totally juvenile either. There are many ways to elevate the Barbiecore aesthetic.

The Pink Flamingo Suite at the Trixie Motel in Palm Springs

The Pink Flamingo Suite at the Trixie Motel in Palm Springs

Dani Dazey

For inspiration, look no further than Dazey’s approach to the recently opened Trixie Motel in Palm Springs. Full of playful pink spaces, the hotel — named after co-owner Brian Firkus’ drag character Trixie Mattel — is filled with candy-colored decor that oozes a sense of whimsy. (You can see how the team transformed the entire property on Discovery+.)

UO Heartbeat Makeup Vanity Mirror

Urban outfitters



Interested in trying out a few pieces in your own home? There are plenty of options to choose from. The team at Los Angeles furniture company Joybird, for example, recently launched limited-edition pieces of furniture that bring the Barbie Dreamhouse to life. The collection includes a range of nostalgia-inspired beds, dressers, chairs and more that offer playful yet elegant color choices, often with curvilinear shapes. A speckled marble dining table is accented with a gold frame. A low sofa rests on gold covered legs.

The Joybird x Barbie furniture collection includes pieces like the Dreamhouse Chelsea sofa.

The Joybird x Barbie furniture collection includes pieces like the Dreamhouse Chelsea sofa.


“For us interior lovers, this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Barbie Dreamhouse,” Gifty Walker, Joybird’s director of merchandising, said in a statement provided. “The Barbie x Joybird partnership is truly a life-changing moment for our team, as many of us have discovered and developed our personal and creative styles while playing with our very own Barbie Dreamhouses. It’s also a reminder to continue expressing our unique style, whatever our age!

Tubular Top Colored Table Lamp

How to Create a Barbiecore Design

“Barbie style can be easily added to your space in a variety of ways,” says Walker.

Like those featured in the Joybird collection, jewel-toned fabrics are a way “to add a pop of color to a more neutral space or layer the bold in a more maximalist space,” according to Walker. Other glamor-inspired features are “luxe marble” and “golden accents,” says Walker.

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Dazey likes to incorporate accent walls that feature playful prints or colors. They are the “perfect backdrop” for a very particular type of sofa: “Nothing makes my heart beat like a beautiful pink velvet sofa”, explains the designer, who also offers a clothing line with colorful prints.

Sugar Paper LA Anthropologie Scattered Hearts Wallpaper

LA x Anthropologie Sugar Paper



But don’t forget the paint! You can use the classic Dreamhouse colors in shades of pink, lavender and turquoise – or project them onto entire walls. California paint company Backdrop recently teamed up with Barbie to create a trio of these signature shades, including the signature pink shade and a blue that matches the Dreamhouse pool exactly.





“Along with the fact that Barbie is so present in our culture right now, from fashion to movies, I think there’s a sense of escapism, nostalgia and joy in the Barbie aesthetic that we all have. really need it right now,” Natalie Ebel, co-founder of Backdrop, said in a statement provided.

Ebel also notes that Barbie, along with the doll’s range of career moments, “has also evolved over the years and there’s a new spirit of inclusivity and the evolution of the brand that’s been amazing to watch.”

Modern pink metal wall clock

Litton Alley



“On a personal note, as a mother of two young girls and a woman of Filipino descent, Barbie has become an incredibly powerful role model for young boys and girls,” Ebel continues. “I think that spirit also resonates strongly with consumers.”

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