Whimsigothic Decor is the latest home design trend from Tiktok

If you’ve been browsing Tiktok for the latest interior design trends, chances are you’ve come across a new style called “Whimsigothic.” Full of 1990s nostalgia, Halloween vibes and the beloved eclecticism of maximalism, this home decor trend blends the moody tones of Gothic decorating with the whimsical styles inspired by the cottages that have taken over the world of interior design over the past two years. .

But what is whimsical home design? And how can you incorporate this quirky look into your home? We’ll discuss everything you need to know about this magical trend.

What is a whimsical interior design style?

“Whimsigothic”, “Whimsy Goth” and “Whimsigoth” are all terms used to describe the latest style trend that has recently hit Tiktok. Originating from the fashion scene where designers and influencers drew inspiration from 90s Halloween movies to create eclectic witch-inspired looks, the whimsical style has gained popularity with young people interested in 90s nostalgia. .

The trend takes inspiration from 90s movies and shows featuring witches or other supernatural stories. practical magic, Charm, Sabrina the Teenage Witchand The job are all examples of media that greatly influence whimsical aesthetics.


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A Tiktoker, @rosehavengables, shares its whimsical whimsical interior, which blends perfectly with the natural Victorian-inspired architecture. The space is dark, eclectic and mystical, embodying that witchy-maximalist trend.

How to make your house a fantasy

If dark color palettes, maximalist decor, elegant antiques, and celestial themes seem like the perfect fit for your space, then we’ve got some exciting tips for inviting whimsical decor into your home.

And, if you’re not ready to fully commit to this aesthetic, you can consider using it as a stylish and trendy way to decorate your home for Halloween. Since the whimsical decor draws a lot of inspiration from classic 90s Halloween movies and shows, it can be a wonderful aesthetic to use during spooky season!

Yet, no matter how you choose to participate in this look, these are the must-haves to pull it off in your design.


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Use Moody Jewel Tones

If you’re bringing whimsical decor to your space, choosing moody jewel tones in your color scheme is a must! Shades like royal blue and navy blue, deep purples, rich evergreens, and black are perfect for this aesthetic. Get inspired by these images collected by @saraainseattle on TikTok. The bedrooms featured are filled with these lush colors along with accents of black and gold.

While you don’t need to cover every inch of space in these shades, it might be a good idea to opt for a jewel tone or two for the wall and add black or gold accents throughout your look. design for a grand and stately look.


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Opt for antique furniture and decoration

Antique furniture like the classic wing chair, ornate bronze or gold painted mirrors, curio cabinets, and elegant lounge chairs are a few pieces you’re likely to find in a whimsical design. As @_miavolk says on TikTok, Victorian-inspired art, vintage furniture, and velvet pieces can tie the look together.

Remember to choose pieces in dark wood tones like mahogany or walnut and stick to furniture in jewel tones, black or otherwise deeply colored to best suit the color scheme.


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Look to the 90s for inspiration

Of course, one of the easiest ways to create a whimsical room design is to look to the 90s shows and movies that inspired the look. Interior drawings of the practical magic lodge, Sabrina the Teenage Witchand Charm can help you create the perfect 90s decor and vintage-inspired witch setup. Tiktok user @insidemymindrestoration shares his collection of 90s media images featuring Whimsigoth decor like metal bed frames, dark tones, layered Moroccan rugs, lots of indoor plants and celestial themes, all with a bit of 90s flair.


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Find celestial or “witch-inspired” eclectic pieces

The whimsical aesthetic can be broken down into two parts: whimsical and gothic. While we’ve covered plenty of ways to create dark, moody color palettes or add a maximalist touch to space, one of the staple pieces of the whimsical style is celestial, witch-inspired decor.

Crystals, crystal balls, candelabra, layered fabrics, sun and moon patterns, and quirky curiosities are staples of this design scheme. @magicalmysterydesigns on TikTok shows off many whimsical decor pieces like the sun and moon drapery above the window, a celestial tapestry, and an ornate moon wall sconce that perfectly captures the witchy and mystical vibe of the whimsical style.

Play with textures

Another facet of whimsical interior design is the use of stylish textures throughout the space. Velvet is one of the most popular elements to incorporate into a whimsical design. Velvet furniture, draperies, blankets and cushions are a great way to incorporate this texture into design. Plus, adding other textures like lace, silk, and organic materials like stone and wood can help create a luxurious yet earthy environment that feels mystical and rustic. We recommend layering materials and textures on top of each other to fully integrate this dark maximalist aesthetic.

The whimsical décor may have originated from fashion trends in classic 1990s witch shows and movies, but it quickly became its own unique aesthetic in home design. Appearing as a blend of gothic maximalism, vintage design, and cottagecore styles, this interior design trend is rapidly gaining popularity. So whether you want to rock a year-round look or opt for this elegant style this Halloween season, fantasy is a great way to add a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic to your space.

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